5 Best Baby Sleeping Tips for Parents by Janma Care

“Nidrayattam sukham dukham” – Happiness and pain depend on sleep quality.

Charak Samhita

Sleep is the greatest rejuvenator. According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, your happiness, strength, endurance, potency, cognitive function and life span depend on quality. If not, it may lead to the opposite such as unhappiness, frailty, weakness, poor cognition and a shorter life span.

Newborns and month-old babies don’t have a sense of day and night. They may sleep around the clock or in intervals, and because their tiny tummies cannot hold enough milk or formula to keep them satisfied for long, they often wake to eat — no matter what time of day or night it is!

Sleep can be a challenging task for parents and kids alike. By the time night rolls in, parents are exhausted. As little as we know, babies thrive on routine even though they may resist it at times. It makes them feel safe, secure and gives them a sense of certainty. Therefore, planning, establishing a routine, and applying some Ayurvedic rituals can help you and your kids sleep soundly. Here are some easy-peasy tips for you and your little one:

Massage your baby with an ayurvedic oil: 

Massage has a lot of benefits. It’s the best form of nurturing, and they feel loved, and regular massages also keep the baby’s skin hydrated and moisturised. After every bath, massage the baby with a hydrating oil. Janma’s Miracle Massage oil is an ayurvedic blend of 13 powerful essential oils like almond, coconut, sesame, hempseed, and organic ghee. It provides deep nourishment and a calming effect. It is the best and one of the most effective ways to prevent dry skin. This is especially vital during the winter months. Use an ayurvedic baby oil enriched with herbs and free of chemicals. For warm massages, choose a time when your baby is awake and most happy. 

Ayurvedic & Organic Baby Massage Oil

Keep bath time fun but brief

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Warm bubble baths allow babies to relax and sleep well. However, it is best to keep bath time short for the baby’s soft and sensitive skin.  Letting your baby play for a long in warm water can strip their skin of natural moisture. A 5–7-minute bath time is sufficient for babies. Janma’s Gentle Body Cleanser is ayurvedic- plant-based, enriched with coconut and fatty acids that cleanse your baby’s delicate skin. The goodness of cucumber, turmeric, oats, and rosemary leaves your baby’s skin super soft. Free of sulphates and harmful chemicals, Janma’s Gentle Body Cleanser restores the moisture balance and leaves your baby with a perfectly smooth texture. It’s tear-free and will only make your baby smile after that warm tubby time. Make sure to gently pat dry the baby with a soft towel and moisturise after the bath.

Shampooing the Scalp is Equally Important

Just like bathing, washing your baby’s hair is great fun and a lovely moment! Babies, too, have different hair types. Some have frizzy, curly, sparse, or straight with different textures. Whatever type it is, one thing’s for sure; it’s super cute. We know that you want to give the best hair care for tendering your little button. So, here we have for the little twinkle of your eyes, our product, Janma’s Balancing Shampoo, provides the best nourishment and strength to the delicate strands, and this comes with extreme gentleness to your baby’s soft hair and eyes. Our shampoo is enriched with moringa, arnica, amla, tulsi and neem that nourish the hair shaft, treat inflamed scalp conditions, and cleanse the hair. With its excellent moisturiser binding properties, your baby’s hair is nourished from day one.

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Don’t Forget to Moisturise your Baby’s Skin

Ayurvedic Hydra Healing Moisturizing Balm For Babies & Juniors

Many new parents assume that their baby’s skin is hydrated enough because it’s soft. But without proper skin care, babies are susceptible to problems like itchiness, chafing, eczema, and rashes—all of which are caused by dryness. Unlike adult skin, baby skin loses moisture faster because the epidermis (top skin layer) isn’t as attached to the dermis (layer below). Baby skin is also thinner, which makes it more sensitive, often reacting to the slightest environmental stressor. That’s why experts recommend moisturising baby skin every day. If your baby’s skin is extra dry, moisturise twice daily—especially after bath time and diaper change. Loaded with ayurvedic healing properties, Janma’s Nourishing and Soothing Lotion has the goodness of avocado oil and oats that moisturise and preserve your baby’s skin. It is enriched with a blend of plant oils and organic ghee that locks the moisture on the baby’s skin and reduces redness, irritation, and skin disorders. It doesn’t dry out rapidly and restores all the natural goodness of your baby’s skin.

Dress your baby the way you want but make sure it’s comfy all the way

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Dress your baby in soft clothing, preferably cotton. Make sure they are washed with gentle soaps when you make them wear new clothes. If the baby is wearing a particular fabric for the first time, ensure it doesn’t cause any skin rashes. Buttoned clothing is easier to string leads through compared to zipper clothing. To cause the least stress while dressing your baby, it is easy to dress from bottom to top instead of trying to fit the head through the holes. Put your baby’s feet through the head hole and work your way up. Onesies have side flaps to get over the hips and shoulders easily.

– Article by “Janma Baby Skin Care Products”

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