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Is your brand cruelty-free? / Does Janma test on animals?

Staying true to its name, Janma means and signifies birth. Janma products constitute fresh herbs, fruit extracts and all our ingredients are naturally derived. We rely on a blend of ancient Ayurvedic literature, raw-material safety testing and human testing to ensure the safety of our products as the best alternative to animal testing. Our company is PETA certified, does NOT test on animals, and we are 100% cruelty-free. We respect and value life, and our beliefs are passed on to how we create our products.

Where are you based?

Situated on a sprawling farm, we're a limited company based out of Maharashtra. Our founders, Nidhi Kale and Riddhi Deshmukh, work out of Nagpur, where they live with their families.

Where are Janma products manufactured?

We work with a diverse team of specialists, the organic-only laboratory in Maharashtra, to develop and manufacture all our products.

Do you have physical stores?

We do not have exclusive Janma stores currently, but you can order our products on demand for home delivery at or over at Currently, you can find Janma products at Herd Pharmacy in selected cities in India.


Are Janma products tested for skin tolerance?

As mothers and owners of Janma, we did extensive research during and after the manufacturing stages. We ran several tests to ensure all our products were safe for use. We have tested these on ourselves, our kids under paediatricians' supervision, family, and friends. Only when we were confident of our win did we work with our independent laboratory partner to try them with people who volunteered to try the products. A dedicated set of paediatricians review all our baby and junior products. Only when our formula has passed all tests successfully, we've made Janma products available for sale.

Are your products natural, ayurvedic and organic?

Janma products are based on the premise of ancient Ayurveda; hence they're all natural. Being organic was a conscious choice, and it stems from the fact that our kids deserve only the best and the purest.

Are your products suited for kids with allergies?

Ayurveda has the power to treat infections, rashes, allergies and the like from the root. Our carefully developed products suit babies and juniors with extra-sensitive to normal skin types. Our products are powered by the goodness of herbs and fruit extracts that prevent, cure and are 100% safe for kids with allergies.

Are your products suitable for newborns?

While Janma products are designed exclusively for babies, we recommend little use of Janma products, to begin with for the newest newborns. A newborn's skin goes through many changes and is extra-sensitive. Short baths in temperate water without harsh or chemically-laden products are best for the first few weeks of life. Janma products crafted out of fruit extract and herbs are all you need.

Are the baby and junior products suitable for adults?

They sure are, and we love using our products all the time. All our products have been formulated for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones! So there's no problem with using them at any age. We're proud to make gentle formulas for gentle moments, whether you're 0 or 100 years old. Janma is love, and a little bit of love doesn't hurt!

Is your packaging green and recycled?

We use the highest recycled content in every packaging component on our bottles, tubes, or gift boxes. Our bottles are made from 100% recycled bottles. Our tubes are 0% recycled while we work on the way to increasing the recycled content without making them brittle.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes. Our packaging is widely recyclable. Please rinse your product container and place it into your recycling bin along with your other recyclable packaging for home collection.