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Tried Janma Shampoo especially for my 3-year-old daughter (with long hair) who has mild Eczema on her scalp. The paediatrician recommended trying this first before resorting to any other prescription or medicated one. I wasn’t sure about using a new product but it's doing a wonderful job clearing up her ouchie ouchies. With Delhi weather being hot for more than half a year, we’re glad this shampoo cools my baby’s scalp and protects it from eczema. It has also very effective if your child has a sweaty scalp. I'm pleased with this product and will continue to purchase.
-Nikita Sinha
Review for Balancing Shampoo
Gentle. Cleans without drying. Hasn't triggered any reaction on my baby's sensitive eczema prone skin. Love the light and delicate scent. It doesn't stay long after the bath except in her hair. And it leaves a very faint but wonderful smell. I have to hold her close and breath deeply to smell it but I can't stop sniffing her!

Definitely recommend for yourself or a gift.
-Priyanka Kawle
Review for Gentle Body Cleanser
I am using it on my 1 and ½ months old little one and I am pretty satisfied by its effect. Earlier I was using another lotion which was not working. But ever since I started Janma moisturiser balm, I can see the changes. My baby has no more flaky skin and it's supple and soft. It's on the higher end but one bottle jar will last for 2 months. A little pea size is enough for the face and neck.
-Shavani Mamtani
Review for Moisturizing Balm
It is a well-known fact that massaging a baby daily especially with oil that contains ayurvedic ingredients is important as it helps strengthen their bones and provide nourishment. Love Janma’s holistic massage oil.
-Kritika Kumar
Review for Holistic Massage Oil
I bought this oil for my niece for massaging. It keeps the baby's skin soft and supple. It nourishes the skin and prevents the skin from getting dry. This one is perfect for moisturizing and massaging on the infant’s skin. It is lightweight and absorbs rapidly into the body without feeling oily. This oil is best in maintaining a child's skin PH levels.
-Abhay Joshi
Review for Holistic Massage Oil
Janma moisturising balm has worked wonders with my baby. She had very dry skin. Doctors suggested not to use any soaps. Use Janma with nature active ingredient, one of my cousins also suggested Janma. Really happy with the results. It is tear free and leaves the skin soft and gentle! Its fragrance makes you feel fresh!
- Madhumalti Iyer
Review for Gentle Body Cleanser
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