Top Summer Skin Care Must-Haves for Your Baby

Everyone loves a good sunny day, but you’ve got to be extra careful about your baby’s sensitive skin, especially during the summers. All the excitement to see your babies in those teeny-weeny swimsuits showing off their chubby arms and dimpled thighs are just some of the cutest things life is made of. But summers can also bring dryness, nasty patchy sunburn, and rashes, so it’s even more important to ensure delicate baby skin is protected when the weather heats up.

To begin with, avoid stepping out in the sun. But if you’re fond of swimming and want to take your baby to the pool or take your baby out for a summer luncheon, here’s how you can look after your baby’s skin in the scorching heat.

Simple tips to follow:

To begin with, keep your newborns out of direct sunlight. When the baby crosses the six-month mark, sunscreens can be applied.

Look for sunscreen specially designed for the delicate skin of babies and children, one that protects their skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays and is resistant to water and sand. Choose a sunscreen that protects against perspiration and rubbing from towels or clothes. Sunscreen with a smooth and fluid texture is easy to apply and leaves the baby’s skin soft and hydrated, with a non-sticky finish.

Avoid sunscreens that are tinted or scented.

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  • Some of your basic baby products would need an upgrade for summers.
  • Swimming diapers: Any baby with a swimsuit should also have a swim diaper or swim diaper cover to prevent waste from entering public bodies of water.
  • Baby wipes: Opt for natural versions that contain aloe vera to help soothe skin and keep any harsh chemicals off sensitive summer skin.
  • Summer onesies: You don’t want to overdress the baby, but you still need to protect the skin from the elements.
  • Wide-brimmed hat: Look for a wide brim to protect the baby’s face and upper body from the sun.
  • Muslin sleep sack: Although it might be warmer at night, you want to make sure the baby stays comfortable with a lightweight sleep sack he can’t kick off like a blanket.
  • Hooded towel: Summer is full of water play, so keep baby warm after a dip with a hooded towel that keeps their body heat in.
  • Insulated sippy cup: If your baby is over 6 months old, they can stay hydrated with cold water in an insulated cup.
  • Zinc cream: Keep summer rashes and chafing in check with baby creams containing zinc.
  • Car window shades: Keep UV rays off baby and sunlight out of her eyes while you’re travelling.
  • Room fan/air conditioner: Overheating is one of the risk factors, and babies cannot yet regulate their own temperature; they need your help for sure.
  • Portable fan: You can find clip-on versions that help keep the baby cool on the go.
  • Play-yard: When you stay outside for extended periods, it serves three functions: sleeping, playing safely during the day, and a changing table on top of the playing/sleeping area.

Summer Baby Gear

You won’t use many of these products outside the summer months and warm-weather vacations.

  • Baby bug spray: Keep mosquitos and bugs at bay for babies over two months old.
  • Baby sunglasses: Many brands have elastic bands to help keep the sunglasses on the baby’s face protecting their eyes from the sun and sand.
  • Baby swimwear: When in the sun, long sleeve swim shirts are preferred to protect the baby’s delicate skin.
  • Soft shoes: Protect their feet with soft, breathable shoes for babies who are starting to stand and walk.
  • Beach umbrella/tent: Families spending most of their summer at the beach will want to invest in an artificial shade to protect the baby from the harsh sun.
  • Stroller canopy extender: Standard stroller canopies only protect the baby’s upper half. This extender ensures his whole body is protected without adding extra heat.
  • Car seat cover: As with stroller canopies, car seat canopies can’t protect your baby’s whole body. A lightweight car seat cover can protect a baby from sun, sand, and bugs.
  • Car seat liner: A baby’s car seat’s thick, dark fabric can get really hot in summer and doesn’t create a lot of airflow. Cooling car seat liners ensure the baby’s seat is cool.

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