Our Story

Our story is a beautiful mosaic of real-life instances that led to the birth of Janma. Our pursuit of creating something completely natural led to Ayurveda, which was the beginning and is the very premise of Janma.

Hi people, 
We are Nidhi and Ridhee, founders and Mom-in-Charge of Janma care. Both avid travellers, we travelled the world during and after our pregnancies to shop for the best baby products for our newborns. Products devoid of chemicals, which wouldn’t give our babies rashes or reactions, something with healing properties, and would be as pure and pristine as the driven snow. It seemed like a tall order when we first set out! Our relentlessness and perseverance to create the best for our babies were enough to keep us going. Kids are love, and you never give up on love. Love with commitment in tow has been the two major driving forces behind Janma.

We boiled the ocean by studying a range of products and reading up on Ayurveda. Our goal was to create 100% safe, natural, and organic products with no chemicals. And if it could be fortified with Ayurveda, it would be the best of both worlds. This daydreaming turned into our passion, leading to intensive research to develop products formulated and derived from the ancient reserves of Ayurveda’s Charak Samahita.

We aren’t bragging- holistic and all-natural Janma is the perfect sibling to your little one. With Janma in tow, you can bid adieu to home remedies – such is the composition of our products. The backbone of Janma is Ayurveda, and ayurvedic herbs have tremendous potential to heal babies’ skin ailments and boost their immunity- mothers are a bundle of nerves when it comes to addressing these two.

Nidhi Kale & Ridhee Deshmukh

– When it comes to our babies, we never settle for less than the best, and Janma is better than the best.